DANCO’s Agricultural Truck bodies

Ag related truck bodies manufactured by DANCO Trailers, Inc.

20' Truck Mount Chain Drive Silage Box

20' Truck Mount Chain Drive Silage Box

Chain Drive Silage Box Specifications

  • Available 16' to 24'

  • Truck Lite Sealed rubbermount lights

  • 1/2" MDO/Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood/Steel siding options available

  • 6' & 8' high racks standard, other heights optional

  • 10 Ga Steel Floor ~ Full Top

  • AL667XH Heavy Pintle Duty Chain, Min Ten Strength ~ 28,000 lbs., Pin Dia ~ .469

  • Double Acting Hydraulic Rear Doors

  • Heavy Duty Gear Box & Motor

  • Wear Strip under drag chain

  • Blasted before painting

Extra Options Available

  • Wing Fling Enclosure ~ Flops down to lay flush with the side of the silage box while being chopped into, then closed for limiting glow out while going down the road. Operated by electric motor.

  • Air Operated Front Flop Door ~ Air ram on flop door in conjunction with air toggle switch mounted in cab of truck allow Flop Door to be operated from in the cab when opening fields.

  • Hinged Top ~ Available hydraulically or manually operated, allows for getting the top out of the way when being loaded with a loader. Also, top can be opened partially to make opening larger, therefore easier for chopper to hit.

  • Additional Skirt & Extra Lights ~ Allow lights to be positioned as often as preferred; adds only to the aesthetics of the silage box.

V-Bottom Spreader Box Specifications

  • Available 12' to 20'

  • For 2 or 3 Axle Trucks

  • Sealed Rubbermount Lights

  • All Steel Construction

  • Sliding Hydraulic Rear Door Opening

  • Rear Door Hinged on Top to Allow Total Opening for Stock Piling

  • Planitary Gear Box & Hydraulic Motor

  • Includes Wet Kit

  • Single or Double Hydraulic Spinners

  • Blasted Before Painted

  • 2" x 12" Removable Board Extension

  • Mounted on Truck

16' Truck Mount V-Bottom Spreader Box

16' Truck Mount V-Bottom Spreader Box

18' Truck Mount Silage Dump Bed

18' Truck Mount Silage Dump Bed

Truck Mount Silage Dump Box

  • 1-1/8 Plywood Floor ~ Other options available

  • 5' & 7' Sides

  • 4 Stop & Tail Lights

  • 4 Clearance Lights

  • 2 Reflectors

  • Heavy Duty Push Bumper

  • Painted One Single Non-Metallic Color

  • FM2L/88 Hoist Kit

  • Muncie Pump & PTO Wet Kit

  • Full Apsco Air Controls

  • Double Hinged Automatic Opening Rear Door - Overhead Hydraulic Optional

  • Blasted Before Painting

  • Mudflaps

  • Heavy Duty Rear Hinge

  • 10" Channel Long Sills

  • Full Top Stationery

  • All work to truck frame is extra

  • Custom paint colors or 2 tone paint jobs are extra

  • Federal Excise Tax is applicable on the bed portion