California Farm Equipment Show & International Exposition - Tulare, CA

February 13th - 15th, 2018   •   DANCO Trailers Inc. will be located at Booth R-32


World Ag Expo Purpose


After 50 years, our goals remain the same:

We are here to encourage the newest conversations, inventions and innovations in the world of ag so that the dealer, the producer and the consumer can all come out on top.

World Ag Expo continues to be a marketplace and a celebration of all things ag. When our exhibitors succeed, our attendees and farmers transform their operation, and consumers all over the world are positively impacted by the increased efficiency and the continuous re-evaluation of 'what we've always done'.

Ag is evolving to feed a growing world. And we're here to help facilitate that.



The International Agri-Center is located just off Highway 99 in Tulare, CA.  It is just an hour from Bakersfield and Fresno, midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  For further details, please visit